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Elasmobranchs Taxon Advisory Group

The Elasmobranch TAG is chaired by Max Janse (Royal Burgers’ Zoo).  The goal of the TAG is to create a new platform for collaborative work between institutions that keep elasmobranchs by improving communication, species population management and advance husbandry and skill for rays and shark management in European zoos and aquariums. The management (breeding) programmes are based on individual animals identified and are set in a more traditional European Studbook (ESB) approach.AZA SAFE Sharks and Rays project has a website where you can collaborate with other partners and send in the numbers of sharks and rays in your collection. 

The Elasmobranch RCP has been published and can be found here.

ESB managed under this TAG are:

1. Carcharhinus melanopterus (Blacktip reef shark)
2. Carcharhinus plumbeus (Sandbar shark)
3. Etobatus ocellatus (Spotted eagle ray) 
4. Heterodontus francisci (Horned shark)
5. Pristis zijsron and Pristis microdon (Sawfish)
6. Neotrygon kuhlii (Blue spotted maskray)
7. Taeniura lymma (Blue spotted stingray)

New srtyle EEPs

1. Stegostoma fasciatum (Zebra shark)

The Studbooks (ESBS) reports and Monitoring reports are available here.

Elasmobranch Newsletters

2023 #5 Elasmobranch TAG news