European Union of Aquarium Curators

Taxon Advisory Groups

Executive Summary

The Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate Taxon Advisory Group(FAITAG) is an approved EAZA EEP Programme since 1999.  In August 2019 the FAITAG requested permission from the EAZA EEP Committee to officially split into five separate TAGs which represented each of the focus areas within the FAITAG. Following EAZA EEP Committee approval the FAITAG ceased to exist and five separate Taxon Advisory Groups were created (each link will open up a dedicate page:

1. Elasmobranchs
2. Freshwater Teleost
3. Marine Teleost
4. Jellyfish
5. Coral

In the past few years before the split of the FAITAG each of these was a distinct sub – TAG within the FAITAG with a very different approach and unique needs that reflected their taxa.

Studbook (ESB) Reports

Monitoring (MON) Programmes

To read the old FAITAG Manual and the FAITAG reports from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012 and 2014 please click here.