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E.U.A.C. statement and environmental commitment

The more we learn about the marine and freshwater environment, the more we realise that it is under considerable and increasing pressure from the effects of human activities. There are demonstrable threats to the continued existence of certain aquatic habitats and species, as well as to the extent and range of others. Threats include over-fishing, the impact of changes in water quality from run-off, discharges or dumping and rising pressures throughout coastal zones from increased development. Aquatic habitats and species are also under considerable pressure from climate change.

It is vital that these pressures and threats are matched by an appropriate response. On land, where the effects of human pressures are more often visible and obvious, and hence have more readily captured the support of the public, action has been taken to strengthen nature conservation legislation and management. Necessary and proportionate action needs to be taken to secure the conservation of nature in the oceans and freshwater ecosystems. The awareness, engagement and support of people are required to achieve these conservation actions. European aquariums, as major visitor attractions, can play a significant role through active engagement in field conservation activities and in communicating conservation issues to their visitors.

EUAC, through its Conservation Fund, has already contributed towards projects that have advanced the conservation of freshwater and marine species and their habitats from Greece to Benin. With the support of committed sponsoring members we can increase our activities and achieve greater conservation impact.

E.U.A.C history

The E.U.A.C. mission statement

Supporting membership:

As a result of mutually beneficial interest from the commercial sector a membership category has been created specifically for commercial supporting members.

E.U.A.C. supporting members can be:

Any person or commercial enterprise involved directly or peripherally in the aquarium world that is able to support the activities of E.U.A.C., commercially or otherwise. 

The benefits available to full supporting members are:

• free access to the E.U.A.C. members list
• entitlement to present a poster and publicity information during E.U.A.C. conferences.
• the right to make use of the E.U.A.C. logo (registered) in publicity in association with a statement that you are supporting member of the E.U.A.C.
• the possibility to install a publicity booth at E.U.A.C. conferences on condition that the hosting aquarium/institute is providing a commercial /technical exhibition
• the right to present a paper during the E.U.A.C. conference upon request or on invitation on condition that the conference programme permits it, upon payment of an appropriate additional fee as proposed by the executive committee

In addition, the E.U.A.C. website gives the opportunity for supporting members to provide links to their own website as well as privileged access to technical articles, co-operative programme reports and professional press.

A sub category for smaller companies qualifying as ‘consultant’ supporting members (generally for architectural or design support companies with less than 5 employees) will have access to a reduced range of benefits which will include items 1, 2, and 5 only from the previous list. They will also have the right to state that they are a ‘consultant’ supporting member of the E.U.A.C. but will have no rights to use of the E.U.A.C. logo.


The current fee for supporting members is € 2,350 per annum.
The current fee for consultant supporting members is € 500 per annum.

The E.U.A.C. conservation commitment

The money E.U.A.C. receives from supporting members will be used to support in-situ and/or ex-situ conservation programs as proposed by member institutions and after screening by the E.U.A.C. Executive Committee. 

EUAC sincerely thanks our supporting members that support us in our conservation activities as the boundaries of our aquatic environment are constantly increasing. Our conservation activities, together with the activities of other organisations can contribute to safeguard biodiversity and planet Earth. 

For further information contact Stefan Inselmann, sponsorship coordinator. Click here for EUAC Supporting Membership conditions.

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