European Union of Aquarium Curators

Jellyfish Taxon Advisory Group

The Jellyfish TAG is chaired by Hugo Batista (Oceanario de Lisboa). Jellyfish are a popular group of animals used in exhibits and their inclusion in collections is rapidly growing. In recent years there have been enormous strides made in husbandry, breeding, transport and exhibit design for the benefit of keeping jellyfish. Therefore, the main goal of the TAG would be to focus on the collation and the dissemination of the information regarding husbandry, culture and exhibit/life support system designs for jellyfish. There is also the push to create an inventory of species of jellyfish kept in aquariums. The TAG will also focus on jellyfish breeding programmes based on perfecting propagation methods.

Jellyfish database:

The Jellyfish TAG has a Jellyfish Database available. The purpose of this database is to share best practise and raising of jellyfish. The information in the database is supplied by various institutions that hold jellyfish species. The database is administratored by Hugo Batista (TAG Chair) and sponsored by EUAC.  For the password please get in touch.