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Due to the COVID -19 pandemic and (travel) restrictions in place it was decided to cancel the EUAC face to face conference. In order to give the EUAC membership the oppertunity to come together we decided to instead introduce monthly or bi monthly webinars. The webinars will consists of a number of presentations given by different EUAC members on different topics. Topics include but are not limited to: 

1. breeding

2. conservation

3. exhibits

4. new developments

5. husbandry

6. research

7. TAGs news

8. meet the EUAC board positions

Please keep an eye on this page for the announcements of the new webinar dates, registration links and content. 

If you wish to participate in a webinar as a presenter please contact or Lauren Florisson (

Please do share any registration links with aquarist and people that cannot otherwise attend a normal EUAC meeting

Tuesday 16 November 15.00 - 17.00 CET

The link to register is here

The topic and presentations will be announced soon

1. Jamie Craggs - topic to be announced soon

2. Ana Ferreira (Ocenario Lisboa) - Growth and Feeding strategies in the husbandry of Mola mola

The Ocean sunfish (Mola mola) is an enigmatic species, with many aspects of its biology and life cycle still requiring further investigation and understanding. Its nutritional requirements are a central topic of interest, as feeding strategies are key to ensure good husbandry practices. Fine tuning their diet regime should promote captive specimens’ overall condition and growth. There are different management methods being applied from various institutions over the world and while some maintain a consistent percent BW per day ration, others apply an adjusted percentage according to the animal’s development.  Across institutions, BW percentages offered daily, vary from 5-6% at early stages to less than 1% for over 100Kg animals. Combining data from wild sunfish diet research and food consumption rates collected from captive animals we present key factors to define a feeding regime specific for this species. Institutions must not assume that one rule fits it all as there are important factors to consider. Aquarium systems, rearing parameters, animal’s condition and metabolism also impact the feeding regime and thus, must be evaluated continuously to apply the best practices to enhance longevity of these spectacular animals on display.

3. Morgane Tidiere (Species360) - topic to be announced soon

4. Sander van Lopik (Rotterdam Zoo) 

Monday 13 December 15.00 - 17.00 CET

The link to register is here.

The topic is TAG and Studbook updates

More presentations will be announced soon

1. Elmar Fiening (EAZA) - Genetic population management for fish

2. Mark de Boer (Rotterdam Zoo) - Seartutle TAG update

Update about the recently developed and published Seaturtle Best Practise Guidelines

3. Max Janse - Elasmobranch TAG RCP update

4. Nuria Baylina - Elasmobranch TAG conservation focus group update

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